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David and Goliath

July 24, 2014 Leave a comment

This was a sermon at our church last Sunday.  It meant allot to me and I thought that I should share it with others…

Please go read the following thoroughly:

1 Samuel: 17-50

Just like David, we face giants in our lives almost everyday.  And most of the time we try to fight them on our own… just like some warriors would with their sword or javelin…

Sometimes you go around asking for advice from other people and they end up giving you negative advice or discouraging you from going forward… David was told off by his brother Eliab and King Saul, but he was persistent to go forward and conquer the giant in front of him…

You will notice he never got angry or frustrated with them, but carried on motivating why he should do it… This is how we should be, if someone tells you off, you shouldn’t get frustrated or angry with them for they do not always know the reason why God allowed you to get into the situation (Please note that God doesn’t cause the giants, but He allows it as He knows that you will benefit from it), but carry on looking for ways to go forward and conquer your giant.

David did not go out and fight the giant on his own, he went knowing through faith that God will be victorious over the giant, and he proclaimed it to the giant.  We need to proclaim the power of God when we take on the giants in our lives, this gives glory to God and signifies His existence.

Never be afraid or lose faith in God, just always remember, no matter how big the giant may be, God is bigger… Giants always have a weakness, God is perfect and does not have any weaknesses…

David, a young man, with no armour, sword or shield triumphed over Goliath a strong, tall, experienced champion of war with only a sling, stone and faith.  Now that tells you that God will always be there with us, we just need to believe and ask God for assistance.


I trust this will mean as much to you as it does for me!


Have a blessed evening !

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