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Why I do, what I do…

Hi all,

I heard a speaker go into a mini debate with someone in the crow.  Where the lady in the crows asked the speaker why he gives to charity etc.  And he responded that he does it as it makes him feel good.  By the way, he does not believe in Christ or any other religion so this “good feeling” was purely for his own contentment.  He then asked the lady if she does good, after she responded he asked why she does it. And she said it’s because she does it, because it is expected of her as a christian to do it and that she will be rewarded in heaven for it one day.  — Now this is true,  because God does expect it from us and we will be rewarded in heaven for our deeds on earth, but the guy responded and said that it is for self-satisfaction as well, as she will get something in return…  So I started thinking about it.  And I think I need to rephrase the reason why we do what we do for God…


Don’t you think God will know if we are doing these things for self reward? Do you think God will reward us for it, if it does not come from a pure heart?  I don’t think so… God is The Almighty God, He will know what the true intent of our actions are.

Why i serve God with all my heart…

Try and imagine this : Someone killed one of your family members and after this person was found guilty and sentenced to death, people expected you to take lethal injection in this persons place… to show that you forgive him and give him another chance…

I for one will not be able to do that… But let’s say you would, you will still have the benefit of the doubt as you wouldn’t know if this person would go and commit the same crime or actually change into a better person… this would make it easier…

God, knowing all before it even happens, sent His ONLY Son to earth to die on the cross, not for one, not for 2 million, but for ALL people on earth present and to come so that we all could live free without sin condemning us.  We will not be willing to do it for one person.  Jesus did it for all people, and for all types of sin…  even while He knew that there were going to be people who still hated Him…

Isn’t that Heroic on another level?? This is one of the reasons why I choose to serve God, Jesus Christ… with all my heart!  His love endures forever, He makes us anew, pure to serve Him, and Him alone…

I do not do it for the blessings or rewards… But God still wants to reward us even though we do not deserve it.. that’s how much He loves us… His children…

Not taking the rewards, would be the same as being the president and not using your benefits…?  Yes you want to be president to change the country and make it a better place to live in, but without your resources/benefits you will struggle to achieve your goals… it’s the same with Christians, the rewards are seen as blessings, but they are needed to shine a light to others… We do not always see it immediately but all blessings from God are sent for a purpose and it’s not for self-enrichment but for the kingdom of God.


May God’s glory and shining love be with you all!


Have a blessed week and wonderful Christmas

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