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Important things we forget about

If you think about it, you will realize that we take car brakes for granted.  You never think about it, or take into consideration how important they are.  Just imagine how much chaos there would have been if we did not have brakes in our cars.  There would be accidents left, right and center… When you drive and you need to brake quickly, one does it but immediately afterwards you forget about the brakes and just continue driving.

This is the same with the Holy spirit for some of us, His there, but we don’t appreciate Him as much.  When trouble arises His always there to helps us out and we use Him but as soon as the trouble goes away we forget about Him and go on with our sins.  We need to start appreciating the important things in life.  Just like with no brakes, imagine what life would be like if there was no Holy Spirit…

I hope this means something to you.  I’m sure it will as it was meant for someone.


Be Blessed! Have a great weekend! Tell someone Jesus loves them!

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