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Being Children

Probably everyone over the age of 30 has thought of being a child again? So that your parents can look after you again, right?

When you’re a child you do not have to worry about making dinner, doing laundry, going to a 8 to 5 job everyday and much more.  So life as a child is allot easier than being a grown up.  And the people who make it easier for us as children are our parents…

Guess what? We are all still God’s children aren’t we? So why do we need to stress about all the things of this world.  God is there to look after us and take care of everything we need. And by saying that I don’t mean you can ask God to do your laundry, but you can trust in God to get you through the day without any problems, so that when you get home and you see the pile of laundry, you still feel up to it 🙂 God will give you the strength to complete your daily tasks.  He will supply the money to buy food. He will protect you when you’re afraid. He will be there when you feel lonely. He will be there to take care of your everyday needs like a parent tends to their child.  God is our spiritual parent and we can always rely on Him 🙂

So start living life like a 6-year-old 🙂 ( Not the naughty stuff, just the freedom, excitement for each day and the love for their parent (God). )

Be Blessed and be a Blessing!

Have a great week!

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