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Characteristics of a Pansy flower

a Few points that need to be known about Pansies.

1. Easy to grow:

  • They just need lots of water
  • Can tolerate cold weather

2. Diseases and pests:

  • Very few diseases and pests bother these plants, but they are tough enough to overcome these diseases if the correct steps are followed.

3. Fragrance & Colorful:

  • The scent is unique and delicate and can cheer up your day!
  • They brighten up your garden with their bright and beautiful colors

These are just a few characteristics I wanted to share with you all.  Can you see that this flower represents a Christian?

1. We as Christians grow by just staying in the presence of Jesus, studying the word and praising Him. If we do this we can withstand evil.

2. As Christians, we are free from the worlds diseases like sin, hatred, negativity and suffering.

3. As a Christian you are more than likely to cheer up people’s day when you interact with them, we are the light in the world and we show people the way to grace.  We need to leave our scent (message) behind with the people we interact with so that they can ponder on the things we’ve said.


I got my inspiration for this blog from my fiance,  God showed her three Pansies in a big storm and even though they were in this storm, they were still blooming.  Now these flowers can withstand cold weather and diseases, but they are fragile when it comes to sturdiness, one can easily pull its leaves out.

So this tells us that without God in our lives we can easily fall apart, but if He is in us, we are strong.

Romans 8:31 (NIV) Link to Bible

What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Be Blessed family.



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