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In whose hands do you put your trust?

Evening all.

I received a great message today, and I got permission to share it with you.

a Golf club in my hands might not mean anything other than a bogey… but in Tiger Wood’s hands it might mean an eagle.

So it depends in whose hands it is…

a Stick in my hand would enable me to protect myself, a stick in Moses’s hand would enable him to open a path way through the ocean…

Two fishes and five pieces of bread in my hands would end up being a few fish sandwiches, in God’s hands it will feed thousands of people…

a Few nails in my hands would assist in hanging some paintings on the wall, Jesus on the other hand set all of us free and overcame sin…

So you see, it all depends in whose hands a situation is.  So make the right decision and put your life, family, finances, health etc in God’s hands.  He knows what to do and He does it best.

This story is actually so obvious but I never thought of it like that.  This is something we must all practice everyday.

I hope this was as big of a blessing to you as it was for me!

Be Blessed, take the step, Jesus is around the corner waiting for you.

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