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Portraying a good future

Romans 11:16 (NLT)

And since Abraham and the other patriarchs were holy, their descendants will also be holy—just as the entire batch of dough is holy because the portion given as an offering is holy. For if the roots of the tree are holy, the branches will be, too.

This verse can be used for a couple of reasons but I just want to emphasize on the fact that it says, “If the roots of the tree are holy, the branches will be, too.”

We all start our decisions in life as babies when we are born, and our choices while growing up determines what we will be in the future, is that not true? And so it is with young new-born Christians, what we do in our spiritual lives will determine where we end up when we die, Heaven or hell…  I just want to encourage you to start listening to God’s voice and trying to obey His voice once or more each day.  He might not speak to you everyday but when He does, you should be openly ready to receive and over achieve in His goal.  I know it’s difficult, sometimes I receive messages that I need to blog about for instance on a Monday, but I only end up blogging about it on the Wednesday… one always seem ready to take on something with the extra free time we have, until God gives you something, then everything seems to need your attention, and that’s satan trying to keep you from doing God’s Will.


I trust this was encouraging, as I did not even intent on typing this much, but if God gives it, I type it! There’s always a reason for it.


Be blessed!

And don’t forget to take The Lords hand when your cross the street!

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