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Awesome story

Our Pastor told us a short story this past Sunday which meant allot to me and I would like to share it with you all.

There was a guy who went on a cruise, he only had enough money to buy the ticket and every meal time he would eat biscuits and drink water, due to not having money to buy any food.  So the one evening the cruise ship captain walked into him and asked him why he was eating biscuits when he could be eating a buffet dinner in the restaurant?  The man replied saying that he did not have any money to spend. The captain looked at the guy and said, Sir, your ticket paid for everything, including all meals and drinks…. the man was overjoyed and went into the restaurant to have a feast.


The moral of this story is that our ticket (Jesus) paid for EVERYTHING when He sacrificed Himself on the cross for our sins…  the price was paid in full, so do not let satan tell you lies and get you down on the floor, you ARE forgiven for what you have done, and you are free from the chains of satan!


Be blessed, and spread the good news!



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