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Jesus Culture Conference message (by Scott Thompson)

We went to the Jesus Culture Conference in JHB on the 2nd March, and I must say, IT WAS EPIC!!

I want to share a message that Scott Thompson gave us that evening.

So I went and did some more research on this matter and got the following info:

Does DNA produce/emit light:

They built a machine that could pick up the smallest amount of light and tested it on the following, they took a freshly cut plant and placed it in a light-proof box, afterwards they switched on the machine and immediately picked up the green, glowing silhouette of the leaves that they put inside the box….

This then proved that light exists within DNA (our DNA as well)

The following was a quote from Fritz-Albert Popp a theoretical biophysicist :

“There are about 100,000 chemical reactions happening in every cell each second. The chemical reaction can only happen if the molecule which is reacting is excited by a photon… Once the photon has excited a reaction it returns to the field and is available for more reactions… We are swimming in an ocean of light.

Take note of the highlighted part of this quote…. We are  full of LIGHT… (God)

a Few more quotes :

Cancer is a loss of coherent light

So far, Popp had studied only healthy individuals, and found an exquisite coherence at the quantum level. But what kind of light is present in those who are ill?

Popp tried out his machine on a series of cancer patients. In every instance, these patients had lost those natural periodic rhythms as well as their coherence. The lines of internal communication were scrambled. They had lost their connection with the world. In effect, their light was going out.

Now the above would tell us that cancer causes the light to leave our bodies… So wouldn’t that mean that sin which would obviously reduce the light within you could cause cancer? I’ve seen many cases where people who struggle to forgive or carry on sinning end up getting an illness like eg. cancer… It can be healed through Jesus but you must first get rid of the root that’s causing it in order to get back your light.


“Good vibes” means coherent light

Popp came to realize that light in the body might even hold the key to health and illness. In one experiment, he compared the light from free-range hens’ eggs with that from penned-in, caged hens. The photons in the former were far more coherent than those in the latter.

This would mean that if you are in a cage (sin) you don’t have a lot of light and it’s going out, but if you are FREE (as we are, due to Jesus dying on the cross for us) your light increases and you stay healthy..

After Jesus gave His life, in order to save ours, we all received a chance to be free.  But we need to be free and still walk a path with God, so that we may not go astray.  Now Scott said the following regarding the tests they did on the frog embryo that changed into a salamander by using light photons/patterns, where the frog use to be our old sinful body and the salamander being our saved body , you can’t be saved and be a salamander on Sundays walking around with our fancy tails etc talking about the Gospel and acting Holy , and when Monday comes, you’re a jumping frog again until Saturday…. Make the decision today to change your life completely because Jesus gave you that opportunity and He is waiting for you!

I trust this was a good message as it really touched my heart when I heard it.


Have a blessed evening! And always trust in Jesus!




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