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Jesus = Love

Jesus offers us (His children, every single person on earth) unconditional love.  It’s for free, with no conditions attached.  Jesus even gave His love to Judas who betrayed Him.  Jesus knew that Judas would betray Him yet He still washed Judas’s feet…

There is so many people who just do not accept the love of Jesus.  And that’s why they feel lonely.  All you need to do is take it. it’s on a silver platter in front of you.

We must also learn to give some love back to Jesus, His not expecting anything in return, but just think how much  God would appreciate it…  If God did not create us in His image we would not have known Love, because that’s one of the things God exists from, Love, so we would not feel loved nor would we be able to love someone.  He created me and you so why not give Him the love He deserves.  So open your heart and open your head, and feel Him now. Once you’ve been there, you will never want to be away from it.

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