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Stop letting sin get in the middle of you and God( a MUST read)

God told me to go and look up some info regarding clouds.  So I went on about.com and read the following:

Clean air (without any dust or particles) will not produce clouds without supersaturation (or relative humidity above 100%). Luckily for us, Mother Nature and humans put lots of Cloud condensation nuclei or dust into the atmosphere. This dust comes from sources such as volcanoes, cars, sea spray from the ocean, and fires. Other particles in the atmosphere, including bacteria, can also play a role in serving as condensation nuclei.

Now I think God was trying to tell us that we should stop letting the things of the world get in the middle of our relationship with Him. What God showed me was, that the clouds often soften the effect of the sun on us.  You still get sun burn, but you don’t realize it.

If you translate that, it means that We  are still loved by God even though we get involved in sin etc, we just won’t feel God’s heat (blessings) around us anymore.

So get rid of all the pollution in your life.  And get ready to feel the presence of JESUS!!!


I just want to openly thank God and give all the GLORY to Him for this wonderful message.  Without God, I’m nothing.

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  1. drickus
    December 21, 2011 at 17:20


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