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Release hate from your heart

When you start doing good or when you get something you have really worked hard for and you lose it due to theft or under any other circumstance, you would feel hate or anger, would you not?


Well the following scripture says we should not keep hate in our hearts as God also hates it when wrong things happen to His children, He will fix it.  God always fixes everything because he loves us (you and me) 🙂


Isaiah 61: 7-8 (NLT)

Instead of shame and dishonor,

you will enjoy a double share of honor.

You will possess a double portion of prosperity in your land,

and everlasting joy will be yours.

“For I, the Lord, love justice.

I hate robbery and wrongdoing.

I will faithfully reward my people for their suffering

and make an everlasting covenant with them.


Doesn’t that just put your heart to rest immediately ? It’s so promising.  And then it comes form the most High King… that there just does it for me, I know I wont keep hatred in my heart if that’s the kind of promise I have for my life…


No matter whats happens to you in your life, God WILL get you something better.  Just have faith in Him.


I applied for a job, and I was told I’m too young, even though I’ve been acting in that position and doing very well.  You can imagine I was very cross with their decision…  2 months later, that position became redundant….  shows you whats God knows…


I’ve got many other examples but I think God has made His point by now?


Be blessed family of Jesus.  Be safe on the roads.  May you have a blessed Christmas and an awesome glorified year ahead.


Walk with Jesus, and be feared by evil.

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