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We are royalty

Did you ever sit and think that you would like to be like Queen Elizabeth ?  You know, have all the influence they have, the riches, authority etc…?

Well God brought you some good news today.  You are ROYALTY.  We are all children of God aren’t we? And God is King of all kings… so that makes us Royal members of His kingdom, which is the whole universe, and we have most high authority in this world we live in.  We just don’t practice our faith enough.  And God want’s you to know that He will give us the power to do His Will in this world, we just need to believe and take it!  We have influence, through our own actions, so start living the way God intended us live (childdren of God) and you will see the changes taking place.


God loves us, but we need to show our love to Him aswell.  And a good way of showing it, is by showing how much faith you have…


May you always walk in God’s light!

Cherish every moment, no matter what.



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