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Being perfect

Matthew 5: 48 (NLT)

But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.

We sometimes try and be as perfect as God, but then end up being worse than what we were.  I think perfection forms through progress/practice.

Don’t try and be sinless etc immediately because I don’t know of anyone who leads a sinless life, do you?  So we will get there by putting to practice all the laws God has laid down for us.  It’s like climbing into a formula 1 racing car… you wont even know how to put the car into 1st gear and pull away.. it takes practice and obedience in the “training’ process.  Start by working on the problems you know you struggle with and try and improve on those first.  I don’t think God would expect us to stop with sin immediately as He knows how full this world is of it.  But the fact that He knows you are working towards perfection is a wonderful feeling for God.  Even if you never reach perfection, but you’ve been progressing towards it, by eliminating the sins you’ve had problems with etc you will surely have a mansion waiting for you in heaven when you need to go there.


If we had no perfection to work towards, we would not be excited to meet God one day.  So look forward to the challenges ahead.  God loves us all.  And through Him we can succeed in anything.


This blog does not mean that you can sin etc, it simply explains why we shouldn’t try and be perfect once off, because I know from experience that it’s extremely difficult, being perfect means you don’t sin at all… so you basically make a promise you can’t keep, if you end up sinning afterwards.


I love and believe in Jesus.  And I ask that you do not see this blog in the wrong perspective, as I can understand this could raise some questions, but it’s just an eye opener if you read it with your spirit.


treat your enemy like you family.


Be blessed!

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