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Everyone is equal


We need to start taking those leaps forward. When you go for your first interview,  busy sitting in a lobby waiting to go into a huge business presentation, going for rugby try-outs at school etc, we shouldn’t be afraid of the other people that will be there with us, or against us.

I know I’ve posted the following Bible verse before on one of my blogs, but it came up again this morning and I knew I had to blog about it.

Proverbs 22:2 (NLT)

The rich and poor have this in common:

The Lord made them both.

God made all of us, He knows how many cells are flowing in your body, the hair on your head.  And He made us all capable of living in this world.  Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead, trust in God and you WILL prevail.  Start everything obstacle with a prayer as preparation. It’s like stretching before you go jogging. You need to get warmed up so that you don’t tear a muscle. In the spiritual world you need to cast all negative things off and get your spirit shining bright, then nothing can stop you!


All the Glory to The One who feeds us everyday, Jesus!


Have a great evening!

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