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God’s Will

God put me in a situation today where I realized that, whenever you await a decision, whether you would want it to be Yes/No, you must not be cross when its the opposite of the one you wanted.  If we ask God for His Will in our life’s we need to accept and be happy about whatever comes our way.  God knows us even before we are born so obviously He knows whats best for us.  Let’s say you go for an interview and you really want the job, but you end up not getting it, you should thank God because His decision over your life is MUCH better, and sometimes we have to go through bad times in order to get to the even better times….


So what I’m trying to say is, If you ask God to run your life, you need to rejoice in everything that happens in your life, because God is good, and everything He does for us Will end up being GOOD….  Don’t let satan tell you otherwise.  God will never forsake you, remember that.


Have a great weekend family in Christ Jesus!!!!

I love Jesus, do you? Cause you should 🙂

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