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What truly matters…

While spending some time praising Jesus this afternoon Jesus showed me what to post today. So here it goes:

We sometimes fall into a period where we think we are so good, or we have everything we would ever need. But in actual fact we are empty on the inside.

It’s not the size of your house, type of car you drive, big business deals etc, that matters, It’s WHO you know and what your relationship is with Him. Jesus said:

(Rev 22:13)

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

So that already tells you that He must come first in everything you do and he must still be included in your plan at the end.

That’s the only way you will succeed on this world we live in.  Here is an example you can use, you can have a golden bath but its main feature is still just to bathe in, so if it’s plastic, metal or gold you bathe in, the main ingredient to get clean is the water you put into the bath and without water, you still stay dirty… So what Jesus is trying to tell us is, it doesn’t matter what you have in life you still need him to be successful/happy/blessed/helpful towards others/etc…


I hope this helps someone.

Have a blessed day!

Jesus already won the battle for us, we just need to walk in the Glory He left us all….


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